The Time of The Season

As always this time of year there seems to be change in the air. While we now reside in SC, it still hangs over us more gauzy like than the stark reality of the North, but it is still apparent and not to be denied.

So what changes do we have in store for you as we turn turn turn?

September 2016 Jon SpearWell to start we are into our third Guest Curator on Blues 411 Internet Radio. We started with rockin’ R&B styled Dennis Jones, who gave way to the sultry voiced powerhouse vocalist Shaun Murphy and now we bring you guitarist, songwriter Jon Spear

Many of you may not be familiar with Jon, but his latest release “LIVE Music Is Better’ made it onto the Baker’s Dozen of Blues chart and he also has been nominated for a Blues Blast Award. Guitar playin’, vocalist with a touch of everyone in him, his show starts today September 1, at the 1:00am hour. His show will run all month and he will highlight music that has influenced him and also offer insight into some of his songs.

This is a great series of shows we have put together for you. It is not an interview show, more of a platform for our guest artists to play music that is of real import to them. From what I have heard back from you folks, artists and fans alike, it is much appreciated and glad you like it. .

Next up starting today (Friday) is a new Three Peat with Chef Jimi. Y’all are probably familiar with this format, it’s been done from back in the da, to Bill Wax on B.B. King’s Bluesville, and I have picked up the banner and Threepeat with snapsran with it.

This week’s (it may run two to three weeks) offering is a more personal one. It is the music that I heard during my formative years, back then we didn’t call it blues or r&b or soul it was all just good music. So please tune into this episode and see how we line up musically and you might just hear some stuff you haven’t in a while.

We are rapidly coming up on a year of Blues411 Internet Radio and want to thank all of you who tune in, it means a lot to us and to the artists and DJ’s who give their time and heart to what we are doing.

We are always tweaking and updating things so you can keep up with the schedule by going to to see what’s what – or on facebook we have images of each show that specify times of broadcast (they are also on our web site). We are running new episodes of Music City Blues Kitchen  where we chat with Nashville artists and they play DJ for us as well as talk about music and where they are at currently.

As the weather cools, it’s still good for Blues Festivals. We are on tap for the Pennsylvania Blues Festival (look for an interview with Michael Cloeren early next week), and then we are off to the Daytona Blues Festival – both of these are epic and classic festivals featuring some of the best blues talent out there, plus I get to be a part of the by doing stage announcing/MC/Trained Monkey work as needed. We hope many of you will join us at either or both of these festivals, and stay tuned for more fests that we are actively supporting because of their commitment to the music and artists.

Oh yeah don’t forget as we approach the year’s end the 2016 Jimi Awards will be announced right here on Blues411. See who we select as the ones who, in our opinion, rose above the crowd of excellent artists and bands.

Thanks again and stay with us as we continue to be the change we want in the blues world.

Love, Peace & Chicken Grease
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Photos: Leslie K. Joseph, Blues411

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