TBT: Back on the Legendary Rhythm & Blues Cruise



There really is only one Bluescruise, y’all know that, right?



The Legendary Rhythm & Bluescruise run by Roger Nabor and the Legendary Krewe is that ‘life altering’ expedition on the high seas that qualifies as my (amongst others) most expensive habit – and it’s legal.


Our first cruise was January 2009, having heard about it on XM Bluesville (before the merger and demise of said station) and we have been repeat offenders as often as possible. Sometimes going on two a year, now in retirement (hah) we try to go once a year (and hope the IBC does not schedule opposite the cruise ever again).


So this year we went back on after a two year hiatus. With relocating to South Carolina and settling in we had booked for January but swapped out to go this October. Couple of reasons – to get a chance to see Allen Toussaint and our favorite band Jarekus Singleton. Not to mention The California Honeydrops, and Rick Estrin, ahh crap we wanted to see all the bands , but the two were the main event. We were deeply saddened by the death of Mr.Toussaint just this week, having just seen him and being able to hear him sit and chat with Bill Wax & Irma Thomas was priceless, we shall carry those moments with us forever. Thank you Bill, Roger & Krewe.


It’s not like you just see the musicians, you spend a week or more with the bands and get to know them. To hang informally with them and enjoy a certain closeness that one only gets in war time or in a commune (let’s hope y’all been to communes cause the other option pretty much sucks). It is truly unlike anything else out there.


20151024_153318_001When we first tripped to the cruise we were virgins in just about every sense of the word – when applied to the Blues Framily. Having been to only a few festivals and not really even started Blues411 we were much like the crush of virgins on the boat this October. Wide eyed, amazed, joyous and having one helluva time.


Yet there are many here among us who think that the ‘return offenders’ enjoy it more than the virgins. 20151024_160307-1How? Well it’s the joy of the holidays without family, ya know what I’m saying. Now there is the ‘crazy uncle’, and the semi-drunk auntie who like to kiss ya with that red lip stick, and a few of the other characters that you get in large gatherings but hell it’s one great party and everyone turns on their finest party self once on board.


So what we’ve done for ya here is to wrap up some 170 photos – pared down from the 2,400 taken (by Leslie) and hope to give ya a view as to what went on from our perspective. No we weren’t working, just enjoying the cruise and having a real good time, like everyone else.


Click here to get to Blues411SmugMug page, we chose to do it this way cos of the shear volume as facebook would be too cumbersome to deal with. Please take some time and enjoy them, our gift to you and hope that you will join us at some point in the future.


Love, Peace & Chicken Grease
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