Pat St. John

B411: Whats going on brother Vincent? VH: We’re getting hit pretty hard with the Lake Effect snow, and the car is having issues. Gotta love the weather up here. B411: Yeh this winter has been one of discontent for sure. Well all but for one small issue, you ‘The Vincent Hayes Project’ Reclamation release has…

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One of the nicest things that happened recently was when we did our Vibrato gig in LA and Janiva Magness came to our show – I thought it was so cool that she took the time from one of her rare nights off to come out & see and support us. One of my heroes, Bill Withers was there also, along with Babyface, comedian Chris Tucker and a lot of other famous people I might know if I got out more. Best of all, Dennis Walker and Al Mirikitani were both there. Dennis was sitting front row center. It was the first time he’d seen me perform live. He has taught me so much – he’s an amazing producer and songwriter. He and Al did such a great job on “Still The Rain” – every time I hear it, I’m just blown away.

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