As a writer, or a documenter of events, one never knows where the next inspiration will come from. Such is the case with what we have here on this page. I had decided to start my own Blues Blog, came up with a neat name ( and was going to move ahead slowly and get all my eggs in one basket and then launch it upon the unsuspecting world. Well that lasted just long enough for me to post that I was intending to do so. Serendipity, fate, karma, mojo whatever you call it stepped in – it was in the form of the reigning Queen of the Blues, Janiva Magness….

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That’s a question that has continually plagued the Blues community for years. Supporters often stumble thru various clichéd, non-defining explanations that often leave the inquisitors even less sure of what this age-old genre really is, and with no hope of a definition. “The Blues, that’s black folk music, right?” “Ah the Blues, that’s like soul,…

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