GRAMMY ALERT: How To Get Your Product In Their Hands

grammy_infographic_june2013Attention All Blues Musicians!!

Did/will you have a CD released between October 1, 2013 and September 30, 2014?

If so, you can submit your CD for GRAMMY consideration!

The entire blues world was shocked when the GRAMMY’S went from two blues categories to one.

While we were in Memphis for the Blues Music Awards, we attended a reception hosted by the Chicago and Memphis chapters of the GRAMMY’S.

Here’s what we found out:
For the last few years, there have not enough entries in the blues categories. So they cut our genre to one category.  It’s that simple.

So, we need to make sure that more Blues people submit. Otherwise, even our one category (now listed under American Roots) might go away.
They have an easy Online Entry Process (OEP), so nothing to package up and mail! Please encourage everyone you know to submit their CD this year!

Now, the details:

  • Recordings must be commercially available to the public throughout the U.S. (Imports are NOT eligible).
  • Registered Media Companies and members of the Recording Academy can submit their eligible, commercially released recording for Grammy consideration.
  • If you’re not a member, another member or a registered Media company can submit for you.
  • Or, you can join yourself (Cost is $100/annually) if….you have credits on 6 tracks of a commercially released album or 12 digitally-released tracks on projects released in the past five years. This also qualifies you to vote in the annual GRAMMY Awards.
  • If you want to join, here’s the link:
  • If you’re a media company, you can join but you can’t vote. Voting is limited to musicians/peers. Registration opens June 20 and closes Aug 20, 2014.

It really is that simple, so Promoters, Radio Marketers, Record Labels, Artists, Friends all can get involved to bring some justice to the Blues that we love.  Take some time to check out the requirements and procedures to get your release in the hands of the Grammy voters/nominators.

Click here to view the infographic regarding the GRAMMY Awards process.

Love, Peace & Chicken Grease
© 2014
Where Blues Thrives
Photos: Courtesy of GRAMMY’s

*Best American Roots Performance has been added to the American Roots Music Field. An artist’s award, it will encompass all of the subgenres of the Field (Americana, bluegrass, blues, folk, regional roots music), and recognizes singles/tracks only as well as solo artists/duos/groups/collaborations. This puts the Field in line with the Pop, Rock, Rap, R&B, Country, and Gospel/Contemporary Christian Music Fields, all of which have performance categories. 

**Samples or interpolations of previously written songs are now allowed in all songwriting categories: Song Of The Year, Best Rock Song, Best R&B Song, Best Country Song, Best Gospel Song, Best Contemporary Christian Music Song, Best American Roots Song, and Best Song Written For Visual Media. Previously, samples or interpolations were allowed in only one songwriting category: Best Rap Song, in recognition of the unique craft of writing rap songs.

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  1. Alright- revisiting this page after perusing it when you first posted. You talked me into it! Good for me (possibly) but definitely for the greater good of the blues!


  2. Thanks for the info Chef Jimi. I just may have my new CD released by September 30. If not, I’ll make sure it’s eligible next year. You are a God send for Blues.


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