Blues411 ‘The Jimi Awards’ for 2011.

So with this, our second annual tribute to the releases that we have received at Blues411, and other stuff as deemed appropriate, we salute those artists, friends and fans who have made our second year better than I ever expected. Thank you all.

Last year we sat back and poured a Jameson’s, this year we are kicking back with a pitcher of our newest favorite Martini, “The Gingerbread Housewrecker” a tempestuous concoction consisting of Irish Cream, Coffee Liquor, plain Svedka Vodka, Gingerbread syrup, served chilled in a martini glass with a graham cracker crust rim ! Ahhh prosit !

Category winners are BOLD

Nuthin’ like live music to get the party started . . .
Best Live Release:
Sean Costello – At His Best – LIVE !
Tommy Castro, et al – Presents Legendary Rhythm & Blues Revue Live !
Sean Chambers – Live from the Long Island Blues Warehouse
Louisiana Red & Little Victor – Memphis Mojo

There is something organic and basic to non-electrified music. . .
Acoustic Blues (Guitar):
Mary Flower – Misery Loves Company
Doug MacLeod – Brand New Eyes
Fiona Boyes – Blues For Hard Times

K.K. Martin – Naked Blues Vol. II

If we are going down the alley, let’s go with the best of the best. . .
Soul, R&B Blues:
Diunna Greenleaf – Trying To Hold On
Bobby Rush – Show You A Good Time
Soul of John Black – Good Thang

Jackie Johnson – Memphis Jewel

Grady Champion – Dreamin’
Sista Monica Parker – Living In The Danger Zone

While we are here in the alley look who came back . . .
Welcome Back Release:
Satan & Adam – Back In The Game

Johnny Winter – Roots
George Thorogood & The Destroyers – 2120 South Michigan Avenue
Savoy Brown – Voodoo Moon
Bobby Radcliff – Freaking Me Out

Still in that alley there were some great newbies to the scene. . .
Best New Debut Release:
Grace Askew & The Black Market Goods – self titled
Samantha Fish – Runaway
Peter Novelli – self titled
Paxton Norris – Something’s Gotta Give
Keith Patterson – Stone Cold & Blue
Davina & The Vagabonds – Black Cloud

Ladies singin’ the Blues is always so good. . .
Female Vocalist:
E.G. Kight – Lip Service
Gina Sicilia – Can’t Control Myself 
Cassie Taylor – Blue
Davina Sowers – Black Cloud
Maria Muldaur – Steady Love
Alexis P. Suter – Two Sides
Once again a very tough choice, rock, scissor paper double elimination decided the winner.

I need to freshen up my martini, be right back . . . .ahhh. . . . .

Slamming metal, screaming electric Blues ain’t just for men so here we go . . .
Guitar Hero (Electric):
JP Soars
Matt Schofield
Eric Sardinas

Samantha Fish
Ana Popovic
Laura Chavez
(it’s a tie or one from each – however ya like it to be)

If there’s a guitar, there’s usually a bass. . .
Badass Bass:
Scot Sutherland

Cassie Taylor
Johnny Ace
Biscuit Miller
Patrick Rynn

Those 88’s have been radiating like mad this year. . .
Piano Player:
Lee Pons

Ron Tanski
Victor Wainwright
David Maxwell 
Scottie ‘Bones’ Miller

Harmonica Player:
Johnny Sansone

Billy Branch
Charlie Musselwhite
Rod Piazza 
Gary Allegretto

Outstanding Combo (either recorded or live). . .
JP Soars & Jimmy Thackery

Rich DelGrosso & Jonn Richardson 
Watermelon Slim & Super Chikan
Chris O’Leary & Vincent Hayes
Laurie Morvan & Big Head Todd Mohr

 I need to get back to basics here. . .
Traditional Release:
Ben Prestage – One Crow Murder
April Mae & The June Bugs – self titled
Super Chikan & Watermelon Slim –  Okiesippi
Toby Walker – Shake Shake Mama
Brad Vickers & The Vestopolitans – Travelling Fool
Spencer Bohren – Black Water Music

Let’s not forget how the Blues is really an International art form, so . . .
International Release of the Year:
Ana Popovic – Unconditional
Sunday Wilde – What Man ? Oh That Man! ! !
Ian Siegal & The Youngest Sons – The Skinny

Carolyn Fe – Original Sin
Shelley Hardinge- Reclaim Your Land
Todd Sharpeville – Porchlight

Just cos the music has been so good this year let’s name a…
Song of The Year:
The Lord Is Waiting and The Devil Is Too – Johnny Sansone

Savior – Alexis P. Suter Band
The Ballard of Ray & Ruby – Ben Prestage
Facebook Mama – Greg Nagy
John Lee Hooker For President – Ry Cooder
Back To The Blues – Hadden Sayers w/Ruthie Foster

what a great selection of songs here, you folks have outdone yourselves- just stunning musical artistry….

So with that said, I’ve decided to name an album of the year. . .
Album of the Year:
The Lord Is Waiting And The Devil Is Too – Johnny Sansone
Lit Up – Victor Wainwright
Sister Vagabond – Candye Kane featuring Laura Chavez
Show You A Good Time – Bobby Rush
Hard Dollar – Hadden Sayers
Alexis P. Suter Band – Two Sides
loved every one of these releases, each of you artists are winners here, thank you so much for your music.

Where is it all going, the future is now and these artists have made the move to digital press releases, downloads and  more…
22st Century Distribution Channel Award:
Lee Pons
Nick Moss/Blue Bella Records
The Revelations featuring Tre’ Williams

Outstanding Fan of Blues411…
Cee Cee James
Sidney Earl Long
Dale Rates
Friends of the Blues
Randy Oxford
Pete Enright
Wendy Schumer

So another year shot to hell, what a great year it was.  Festivals, cruises, shows, travel and the common thread that runs thru it all – the music !

I cannot thank the artists enough for the time they shared with us, their music and their love of what they do.

Here’s to another sterling year for 2012 and let’s take a moment and remember those who have passed…….

Until next time, Love, Peace & Chicken Grease
© 2011
photos: Courtesy of artists

17 Comments on "Blues411 ‘The Jimi Awards’ for 2011."

  1. Jimi! Thank you so very kindly for your nomination and support this past couple years!! I’m honored.

    Also, thank you for all you are doing with Blues411. Keep on keepin’ on.

    With gratitude,

    Scottie “Bones” Miller


  2. Chefjimi

    Great choices and final selections for 2011… Very well done Sir!

    If you are in Memphis for the IBC, I hope you come by during the broadcasts of Music On The Couch and sit and chat a while.



  3. Once again well done Jimi. Think you gave a nod to many a great releases and recognized so many good artists. Must be hard to actually name winners because there is so much GREAT talent in the lists you put out, not to mention all the other great music out there. Best to you and your tribe and look forward to hearing from Blues411 in 2012.


  4. Great list, Jimi! I especially appreciate you listing my close friend, Scot Sutherland, as your top bass player here, and not just because he is my friend and former band mate. I think he is that good, also! I definitely feel that he should have been nominated for a Blues Music Award and was quite surprised that he wasn’t.

    I do have to mention, however, that I am a little puzzled about your top pick for “Best Live Release.” Apparently, you consider Memphis Mojo, a studio album as a live release? Oops… Great album, but it was recorded in a basement studio, as stated right there in the liner notes. 

    So… what happened there, my friend? Want to pick another one? Ha!


    1. well since they are the ‘jimi’ awards i have only one person in charge ! ! !
      actually what i found with that release was that it really captured the ‘live’ feel that seems to be missing fromn soem of the other live releases (none i=of tghe ones nominated had that ‘problem’).
      They were all great and there were a few more that i might have included, but be that as it may, i really felt like Red & Victor did a helluva job on that and to me it was certainly worth the inclusion, and ulitimately top spot.
      So thanks for looking out, but no i wont reconsider – heck the great things about the big tent of the blues is that we all got opinions and there is always room for nudging on them.
      Thanbsk for all that you do T-Bone and appreciate you caring enuf to comment.

  5. Yo Jimi, Yo!

    Great list and some real finds in there -I’m having fun tracking down some of this great new music. Glad to see Chris and Vince were mentioned -such a blast to play with those guys! Congratulations to all the nominees and the winners -hope to hear y’all during the next year!

    Happy holidays to all. Jimi, give Leslie a hug from Gayle and me, too!

    Da Doc


  6. I am honored to be amongst so many great names in the Blues, for the Jimi awards !! Blues 411 is where it’s at ! Thank you ChefJimi for all that you do for the Blues community all year long!


  7. Hey Hey Popz! Happy Holidaze, Happy third day of Hanukkah, Merry three days before Christmas, Happy four days before Kwanzaa, and salutations and Blessings to all! A wonderful labor of love that goes beyond descriptions into the time and efforts to bring this to our eyes—and bring the cream of the unheard of crop to the forefront—on a reliable basis. I enjoy every read, and am honored (FLOORED, actually!) to be among this incredible universe! Many MANY thanks for all of your works in creating and maintaining this one-man tour-de-force that is a very under-appreciated (hopefully, NFL! ;-}) source for both artist and fan alike. We are all much better for these efforts. Wishing even bigger things in the year ahead. (also, a special nod to Brad Vickers & The Vestopolitans for their incredible cut “Travelling Fool”…in many ways as perfect an album as could be! Many thanks for sending it my way! :-D).

    Love, Strength, Light and Blessings to all WorldWide!


  8. Jimi,
    congrats with second year! Great idea and results of “The Jimi Awards” for 2011!!! I agree for most of them but a specially for Hard Dollar – Hadden Sayers.

    But –
    I present to you -:) and not only a 2012 Blues Music awards nominees HD slideshow in Youtube.
    All photos are copyrighted by Aigars Lapsa, for music all rights are reserved for 2012 Blues Music Awards nominees as listed in slideshow.

    Merry Christmas and Happy 3 year for Blues411!


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