A Baker’s Dozen of Blues: March 27, 2017

Much Going On
With our home in Bluffton. SC serving as a B&B for friends from the North we have been busy as all heck. Add to that a new web host (SiteGround) and re-configuring our web site for easier and quicker loading. We are proud to be back in the ballgame as Blues411.

Lisa Biales #1

Lisa Biales reigns atop the charts this week, a fine singer and songwriter, her latest was produced by Tony Brunagel of Phantom Blues Band. We also added four new releases to our charts for you to get acquainted with.


Benny Turner Owns Bluffton, SC
As part of our Blues411 Concert Series at The Roasting Room we had Benny Turner in this weekend. Talk about epic! Benny and the band just wrecked the large number of folks who trusted us to provide them with a real blues experience. Benny, Breeze, Keiko and Jelly Bean received nearly ten standing ovations from the crowd.  Folks if you are booking bands for festivals or clubs you seriously need to get in touch with Sallie Bengston at NolaBlue, Inc and get them to your venue.

Automobile Upgrade
With the Blues411 mobile doing yeomans work these days we decided ti might be time to upgrade to a newclass of vehicle. Little did we know where it would lead us. A sponsor of The Roasting Room is Carolina Volvo and they put us into a XC90 SUV that is out of this world – really. It’s like driving a plane, freakin’ thing is smarter than Leslie and me put together. Look for us to be hitting the road to festivals and events around the land starting with the Blues Music Awards.



A Baker’s Dozen of Blues

CW LW Artist Release Track#/Song
1 2 Lisa Biales The Beat Of My Heart 1. Disgusted
2 4 John Mayall Talk About That 8. Don’t Deny Me*
3 5 Popa Chubby The Catfish 10. Put A Grown Man To Shame
4 13 Michael Burks I’m A Bluesman 8. Blues Will Never Die
5 8 John Latini The Blues Just Makes Me Feel Good 5. Pull Me Up
6 9 Cary Morin Cradle To The Grave 6. Mississippi Blues
7 10 Peter Karp Alabama Town 1. Alabama Town*
8 12 Big Bill Morgenfield Bloodstains in The Wall 5. Help Someone*
9 11 Otis Taylor Fantasizing About Being Black 5. Jump Jelly Belly
10 ~ Sean Chambers Trouble & Whisky Handyman*
11 ~ Vanessa Collier Meeting My Shadow 2. Dig A Little Deeper*
12 ~ Scott Ramminger Do What Your Heart Says To Give A Pencil To Fish*
13 ~ Billy T. Band Reckoning 7. It Ain’t Right*

Amuse Bouche: New Car Smell

John Sebastian Got No Automobile
Taj Mahal Car Of Your Dreams
Maria Muldaur Me & My Chauffer
Hadden Sayers Flat Black Automobile
Lowell Fulson Let Me Ride In Your Little Automobile
Robben Ford Chevrolet
Philipp Frankhauser Roadhouse & Automobiles
Chuck Berry I Want To Be Your Driver
Charlie Sayles Automobile
Muskett Brothers Mercury Blues
Angela Esmerelda Drive My Car
Debbie Davies Backseat Driver
Reverend Billy C. Wirtz Grandma’s At The Wheel

Love, Peace & Chicken Grease
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Photos: Leslie K. Joseph, Blues411

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