Baker’s Dozen of Blues: January 2, 2017




Welcome to 2017, let’s hope this new year brings positive vibrations to everyone and some wolking together for the betterment of all.

Our first #1 CD of the year belongs to Lurrie Bell. His CD is a must for those who say they love the blues and for those who think that the blues is old and out of touch – it will change your mind.

We have tons of new songs on the chart this week as we pick up the pace from the end of last year, and we have 2 new additions to the chart. Tom Dikon & The Jukes Revival and John Blues Boyd. Check them out and see what ya think.

Out Amuse Bouche features a new compilation CD from The Blues Foundation & KBA recipient Frank Rozak. It features music from the 2016 IBC and it serves as an enticement and reminder to get yourself in line to attend this years event. Check for details.

We have a new Guest Curator, Jordan Ross. Jordan is from The Roasting Room here is Bluffton, SC and it is a great venue for live music and great bourbon – a pretty good combination. The Roasting Room has partnered with Blues411 to bring blues bands to this part of SC and have a heavy schedule of bands performing in the early part of the year ahead. Check them out and get in touch with them as we’d be glad to have ya down this way. Jordan looks at who has performed here as well as who is lined up for the future. Plus he gives us a little background about when the blues overtook him.



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Baker’s Dozen: Current Chart & Radio Playlist

CW LW Artist Release Track#/Song
1 2 Lurrie Bell Can’t Shake This Feeling 8. Sinner’s Prayer*
2 7 Mississippi Heat Cab Drivin Man 4. Luck of the Draw*
3 4 Fabrizio Poggi w/W.C. Clark And the Amazing Texas Blues Voices 4. Rough Edges*
4 5 Thornetta Davis Honest Woman 9. Sister Friend Inded*
5 8 Deb Ryder Grit Grease & Tears 9. New Mechanic*
6 10 William Bell This is Where I Live 1. The Three of Me*
7 13 Bobby Rush Porcupine Meat 1. I Don’t Want Nobody…*
8 9 Big Head Blues Club Way Down Inside
(Songs of Willie Dixon)
10. My Love Will Never Die*
9 13 Honey Island Swamp Band Demolition Day 2. Head High Water Blues
10 12 Mike Zito Make Blues Not War 8. One More Train*
11 12 Sari Schorr A Force Of Nature 10. Kiss Me
12 ~ John Blues Boyd The Real Deal 1. I Am The Real Deal*
13 ~ Tom Dikon & The Jukes Revival Been A Long Time Baby 3. Hip Shake*

Chef’s Suggestions: The Stuff Ya Gotta Watch

Artist Release Song
David Bromberg Band The Blues . . . Why Are People Like That
Murali Coryell Mr. Senator Mr. Senator
Rory Block Keepin’ Outta Trouble . . . Fixin’ To Die
Knickerbocker All-Stars Texas Rhody Blues You Got Me Licked
Lisa Biales The Beat Of My Heart Crying Over You
John Lantini The Blues Just Makes Me Feel Good Black-Eyed Blues
Jack Mack & The Heart Attack Horns Back To The Shack Somethin’ In The Water
Reverend Freakchild Preachin’ Blues See That My Grave Is Kept Clean

Amuse Bouche: International Blues Challenge Compilation CD & More

Paul Deslauriers Band I’m Your Man
Norman Jackson Band Norman’s Blues
Ben Hunter & Joe Seamons Black Sheep Moan
Innervision Hound Dog
Dave Muskett Can’t Move On
Bing Futch Drinkin’ And Drivin’
Sonny Moorman You Make All My Blues Come True
Trey Johnson & Jason Willmon When The Money Runs Out
Hector Anchado Band Tall Glass of Whiskey
Altered Five Blues Band I’m In Deep
Markey Blues Play Me

Love, Peace & Chicken Grease
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Photos: Leslie K. Joseph, Blues411

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