Baker’s Dozen of Blues: January 16 & 23, 2017




We are thrilled to have our favorite Italian Cowboy Fabrizio Poggi at the top slot for the next two weeks. His work on the new release The Amazing Texas Voices is a 2016 Jimi Award winner, and has been received with great applause around the world.

Why two weeks,? Well, we be on the road that’s why.
First stop on our Blues Tour is the Legendary Rhythm & Blues Cruise – there ain’t nothing like it folks. It is THE event for Blues fans around the world. Do it even if it means stiffing those kids outta some cash at the end of the life span, well worth it.

Then we are off to Memphis for the International Blues Challenge. It’s a blast where we see over 250 bands from around the world ‘compete’ for tour dates, studio time and all sorts of good stuff. Plus it’s as close to a ‘trade show’ that the blues has.

We will feature some Fresh Bytes in our second hour of the Baker’s Dozen of Blues show, new stuff that’s well worth the listen. We also have a new Three Peat featuring lots of Mojo Workin’, and some other tasty blues tunes that have been covered and we feature them for you.

As I said we will be gone so this post will stay up for two weeks, we will update whe we get back to the states and be sure to check out our Blues411 Facebook page for updates and photos from the IBC when we get back – shots from the venues and a grand post that appears after the lights go out at around 2-3 am every day.

This just in:
Michalis Limnios of Blues.GR has interviewed me about Blues411 and is well worth the read. Not just for my info and opinions, but as an overall super site to be aware of for blues news and info.
Click on group name or logo for link to interview.

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Baker’s Dozen: Current Chart & Radio Playlist

CW LW Artist Release Track#/Song
1 2 Fabrizio Poggi w/Lavelle White And the Amazing
Texas Blues Voices
5. Mississippi My Home*
2 3 Thornetta Davis Honest Woman 12. Honest Woman
3 4 Deb Ryder Grit Grease & Tears 3. Blink Of An Eye*
4 5 Bobby Rush Porcupine Meat 11. Standing On
Shaky Ground*
5 6 William Bell This is Where I Live 3. Poison In The Well*
6 7 Big Head Blues Club Way Down Inside
(Songs of Willie Dixon)
2. Seventh Son
7 9 Mike Zito Make Blues Not War 2. Wasted Time*
8 8 Honey Island Swamp Band Demolition Day 3. No Easy Way
9 10 Sari Schorr A Force Of Nature 5. Black Betty
10 11 John Blues Boyd The Real Deal 1. I Am The Real Deal
11 12 Tom Dikon & The Jukes Revival Been A Long Time Baby 12. Ooh Wee Baby*
12 13 Jack Mack & The Heart Attack Horns Back To The Shack 2. Somethin’ In The Water
13 ~ Rory Block Keepin’ Outta Trouble 3. Aberdeen
Mississippi Blues*

Chef’s Suggestions:
The Stuff Ya Gotta Watch

Artist Release Song
David Bromberg Band The Blues . . . Why Are People Like That
Murali Coryell Mr. Senator Mr. Senator
Knickerbocker All-Stars Texas Rhody Blues You Got Me Licked
Lisa Biales The Beat Of My Heart Crying Over You
John Lantini The Blues Just Makes Me Feel Good Black-Eyed Blues
Reverend Freakchild Preachin’ Blues See That My Grave Is Kept Clean
Rolling Stones Blue & Lonsesome Blue & Lonsesome
Eric Sommer Brooklyn Bolero Red Dress
Billy Seward South Shore The Hawk
Jeff Chaz This Silence Is Killing Me Fried Chicken Store
Stuart Neimi Simple Life Honkey Tonk Devil
Michael Bailey Can You Feel It Some Blues
Landon Spradlin No More Blue Mondays No More Blue Mondays
Hill & Dale Big Valley Girl Down Home Girl


Amuse Bouche: Fresh Bytes 2017 Edition

Murali Coryell Mr. Senator
Lisa Biales Crying Over You
Eric Sommer Red Dress
John Lantini Black-Eyed Blues
Jeff Chaz Fried Chicken Store
Reverend Freakchild See That My Grave Is Kept Clean
Stuart Neimi Honkey Tonk Devil
Michael Bailey Some Blues
Landon Spradlin No More Blue Mondays
Hill & Dale A Certain Girl


Love, Peace & Chicken Grease
© 2017
Where Blues Thrives

Photos: Leslie K. Joseph, Blues411

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