A Baker’s Dozen of Blues: September 5, 2016



A hard working veteran of the Blues, Tinsley Ellis sits atop the Baker’s Dozen Chart this week. One ferocious guitar player and equally adept song writer we will have the pleasure of presenting him at the Daytona Blues Festival in October. Come down and check us out.

Two new debuts, one from our friend and friend of the blues, Mick Kolassa. His proceeds from sale of the record, as always, goes to the Blues Foundation’s HART Fund and Generation Blues. The other band y’all may not be too familiar with, the Rose City Kings. Out of Portland, just amazing depth out there of music and style.

Music City with logoOur Amuse Bouche features songs about Leaving. It’s September – change of seasons, and there’s that smell in the air. But also sometimes we need to be leaving things alone too.

It’s Variety Week for our Music City Blues Kitchen show. We have set up all the sit downs and DJ spins to play during the week and next week we will be back with a new one featuring Ted Drozdowski. See schedule on graphic.

At Blues411 our goal has always been to help Blues Music Thrive. It was in that spirit that we started Blues411 Internet Radio in January of 2016. Right out of the gate, we decided to be a 24/7/365 station – always there when you need us! As of September 1st, we have 9 shows hosted by a DJ. In addition there are another 6 shows that are, as we like to say, Carefully Curated. And to all of you who currently tune in to listen, we’re glad you found us!
So, we’re looking for some help to keep this station going into its second year (2017) and beyond. We just launched it yesterday and have been thrilled at the response we have received from supporters around the globe.
Please take a moment to check out out GO FUND ME campaign page and if you think you can help us keep Blues Music Thriving in any way we surely would appreciate it.

A Baker’s Dozen of Blues on Blues411 Radio.
Broadcast times are as follows:

Sept 5 2016 Tinsley EllisMonday – 1pm EST NEW SHOW
 – 10pm EST
Wednesday – 6:00pm EST
 –  3:00am EST
 –  4pm EST
Saturday – 2pm EST
Sunday – 10am EST


Baker’s Dozen: Current Chart & Radio Playlist

CW LW Artist Release Track#/Song
1 5 Tinsley Ellis Red Clay Soul 9. Estero Noche
2 3 Bobby Blackhat Walters Accidental Blues 12. Feathers & Nails
3 4 Alexis P. Suter Band All For Loving You 10. Every Shut Eye
4 6 The Lucky Losers In Any Town 8. Give Me A Sign*
5 7 Big Harp George Wash My Horse In Champagne 11. What’s Big?*
6 8 Eddie Turner & Trouble Twins Naked…in your face 8. Blues Fall Down Like Rain
7 9 Sunday Wilde Blueberries & Grits 6. John The Conquer Root*
8 10 Jeremiah Johnson Blues Heart Attack 4. Get In The Middle
9 12 Joanna Connor Six String Stories 10. Young Woman Blues*
10 11 Bridget Kelly Band Outta The Blues 1. Gonna Stay Here
11 13 The Soul Of John Black Early In The Moanin’ 3. Chicago Blues
12 ~ Rose City Kings A Love So Strong 4. Working Girl Blues*
13 ~ Mick Kolassa Taylor Made Blues 9. Left Too Slow*

Chef’s Suggestions: The Stuff Ya Gotta Watch

Artist Release Track#/Song
Nick Moss Band From Root To Fruit Ta Ta For Tay Tay
Jim Suhler & Monkey Beat Live at The Kessler Tijuana Bible
Joe Bonamassa Blues of Desperation The Valley Runs Low
Ty Curtis Blame Me That Good
Lew Jetton & 61 South Rain Who’s Texting You
Roland Johnson Imagine This The Things You Do
Travis Green A Little To Late Everybody Knows
Darius Jackson Darius Jackson That Good
Dennis Gruenling Ready Or Not Knockin’ My Knees
The Fabulous Thunderbirds Strong Like That Drowning On Dry Land
Vaneese Thomas The Long Journey Home The Chain
Lil’ Ed & The Blues Imperials The Big Sound Troubled World

Amuse Bouche: Leavin’ Songs

Steve Strongman & Suzie Vinnick Leaving
Devon Allman Leavin’
Grady Champion Leave Here Running
Eleanor Ellis Leavin’ Trunk
Toronzo Cannon Leavin’ Mood
Fo’ Reel Leave Your Love Alone
Tasha Taylor Leave That Dog Alone
John Lee Hooker Leave My Wife Alone
Shane Dwight Leave The Light On
Steve Dawson Leave My Name Behind
Led Zeppelin Babe, I’m Gonna Leave You


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