A Baker’s Dozen of Blues: November 30, 2015


Hoping that everyone had an enjoyable Thanksgiving, and ate just enough to make that belt need some expansion.


We are back in South Carolina (and the beautiful weather) just in time to celebrate my birthday and then pack it up and go to the Bradenton Blues Festival. You can read a great article by Marty Clear from the Bradenton Times about Blues411 and how they chose this festival to be #1 this year. Blues Website Honrs Bradenton Blues Festival.


New to the top of the chart is a cat who is one of my all time favorites, Eugene ‘Hideaway’ Bridges, this release has been charting for about ten weeks here and has reached the top, a great release and here’s to hoping it gets a BMA nomination.


Two new additions this week, one a 2015 Jimi Winner, Mitch Woods, and one from a hard working cat in Atlanta Mudcat. I know you will dig both of these cats so listen in.


Our Amuse Bouche this week features our final installment of the 2105 Blues411 Jimi Awards. We put together a selection of tunes from select categories and will continue to do this till we cover them all, so tune in and hear what we think are the best of the best.


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Baker’s Dozen: Current Chart & Playlist on Radio Show

CW LW CD TITLE Artist/ Web Site Track#/Title
1 2 Eugene Bridges Hold On A Little Bit Longer 1. One More Time
2 3 Noah Wotherspoon Band Mystic Mud 1. What’s Gonna Become of Me
3 4 Zac Harmon Right Man Right Now 4. Stand Your Ground
4 6 JJ Appelton & Jason Ricci Dirty Memory 4. New Man
5 7 Mighty Mike Schermer Blues In Good Hands 13. Hear You Call Him Baby
6 8 Fiona Boyes Box & Dice 7. Mama’s Sanctified Amp*
7 9 Kevin Selfe Buy My Soul Back 3. Buy My Soul Back
8 10 Samantha Fish Wild Heart 7. Turn It Up
9 12 Karen Lovely Ten Miles of Bad Road 2. Company Graveyard
10 11 Anthony Geraci Fifty Shades of Blue 4. Heard That Tutwiler Whistle Blow*
11 11 Mick Kolassa Ghosts of the Riverside Hotel 5. Trouble
12 ~ Mitch Woods Jammin on The High C’s 14. Boom Boom*
13 ~ Mudcat & the Atlanta Horns While You Were Away 7. The Devil Is Real*


Chef’s Suggestions: The Stuff Ya Gotta Watch

Artist CD TITLE Track#/Title
Webb Wilder Mississippi Moderne 11. Lucy Mae Blues
Colin Linden Rich In Love 3. Delia Come To Me
Dudley Taft Skin & Bones 1. Skin & Bones
The Jimmys Hot Dish 1. Lose That Woman
D’Mar & Gill Take It Like That 3. Song For Honeyboy
Andy T. – Nick Nixon Band Numbers Man 6. Pretty Girls Everywhere
Crooked Eye Tommy Butterflies & Snakes 9. Mad & Disgusted
Nikki Hill Heavy Hearts Hard Fists 8. Mama Wouldn’t Like It
Cedric Burnside Project Descendants of the Hill Country 1. Born With It
Mike Zito & The Wheel Keep Coming Back 8. Get Out Of Denver
Wee Willie Walker If Nothing Ever Changes 1. Born With It


Amuse Bouche: 2015 Jimi Award Wnners

Category Artist Song
Guitar Hero Mike Zito Keep Coming Back
Harmonica Player Chris O’Leary 19 Cents A Day
Drum Thumper Ray Grappone/Alexis P. Suter Band Big Mama
Instruental Other Randy Oxford/trombone I’ll Be Glad
Welcome Back Release Wee Willie Walker Help!
Coolest Release Title HowellDevine/Modern Sounds of Ancient Juju Sweet To Mama
Album of the Year Otis Taylor Hey Joe
Contemporary Release Jeff Jensen Band Get Along
Festival/Bradenton Blues Fest Super Chikan (appearing at festival) Hookin’ Up
Blues411 Fan Martin Goettsch/Savoy Brown Goin’ To The Delta
Drink Pimm’s Cup/Van Morrison Stop Drinkin’


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