A Baker’s Dozen of Blues: May 25, 2015

Well, we are at the two week point for the knee replacement, and I must say it’s going better than I expected. Thanks to my private nurse and dancer Leslie things are starting to look like i will be almost normal soon. Well even she can’t make miracles happen, but then again what is ‘normal’ for me?

Thanks to all the folks out there who are sending good vibes and well wishes to help me along this re-hab road, I cannot say what it has meant to me to have your support.

I am still a little druggy from the meds so I am (thankfully) short on words and having hard time piecing thought trains together.

MCB+Square+200With that in mind, lets say congrats to Matt Isbell & The Ghost town Blues Band for taking charge of the number one spot this week. Their music is certainly a great addition to anyone’s collection, and if you are looking into Cigar Box Guitars, check out Matt’s company (link on left side of page) they are splendid indeed, as I own myself one of those babies.

The band Low Society makes their debut on our chart, high energy vocals and screaming guitars fill up this cup!

Our Amuse Bouche is all about new CD’s, or as we calls them here, Brand Spankin’ New. Lots to choose from and these are some of the best out there. We get tons so if yours ain’t here hang loose cos we try to do this every so often to help spread the love.

A Baker’s Dozen of Blues, on MojoWax Radio presented by Blues MusicMagazine at LIVE365.com.

Broadcast times are as follows:
bcradioMonday  1pm EST ALWAYS A NEW SHOW
 – 10pm EST
Wednesday – Noon EST
 –  11pm EST
 –  4pm EST
Saturday – 2pm EST

Baker’s Dozen: Current Chart & Playlist on Radio Show

CW LW CD TITLE Artist/ Web Site Track#/Title
1 2 Hard Road To Hoe Ghost Town Blues Band 1. Hard Road To Hoe*
2 3 Let It Rain Deb Ryder 3. You Won’t Be True
3 4 Love Spin Debbie Davies 5. It’s All Blues*
4 5 Electric Field Holler Anthony Gomes 8. Junk In The Trunk
5 6 Exactly Like This Doug MacLeod 1. Rock It Till The Cows Come Home
6 8 Heavy Breathing Mark Telesca 6. If You Got Enough Jack*
7 7 In The Mix Bernard Allison 10. Moving On Up*
8 9 Shaman Lover Mary Hott 1. Possibilities
9 10 St. Amant Sessions Peter Novelli 4. Spirit Passing By*
10 10 Low Down Delta Moon 8. Spark In The Dark
11 12 Where Evil Grows 24th Street Wailers 1.Just Wait
12 13 Destination Clarksdale Ben Rice & Lucy Hammond 3.Wants Me Back Again
13 ~ You Can’t Keep A Good Woman Down Low Society 9. No Money Down*

Chef’s Suggestions: The Stuff Ya Gotta Watch

JeConte Down By The Bayou 1. Down By The Bayou
Voodoo Walters Cakewalk 3. Girl On A Scooter
Reno Jack Lightin’ Fried 20th Century Song
Whisky, Wine & Water Stacy Jones 1. Can’t Do Nothin’ Right
Hans Theessink & Terry Evans True & Blues 2. Mother Earth
Spencer Bohren Seven Birds 2 Blues on The Ceiling
Ken Valdez The Hang 2. Far From Gone
Ian Siegal The Picnic Sessions 12. Hard Times
(Come Again No More)
SugarRay Rayford Southside 6. Call Off The Mission

Amuse Bouche: Brand Spankin’ New

SugarRay Rayford Call Off The Mission
Spencer Bohren Blues On The Ceiling
Gaye Adegbalola & The Wild Rutz Giving You My Mojo
Reno Jack Gee Oggle It Baby
Toots Lorraine Satisfied
Ken Valdez Far From Gone
Slam Allen The Blues Is Back
Rusty Wright Band Wonder Man
Otis Taylor Hey Joe (A)
Ian Siegal Hard Times (Come Again No More)
Voodoo Walters The Swagger
Jackie Payne Full Moon Blues
Regina Bonelli Daddy I’m A Big Girl Now
Eliza Neils Jekyell And A Hound

Love, Peace & Chicken Grease
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