A Baker’s Dozen of Blues: June 1, 2015

bbquoteThe celebration of B.B. King’s life and contributions continued this past week with events in Memphis and Indianola. There is a lot of stuff on YouTube and Facebook if you wish to see some of the events, just do a bit of searching.

The top 13 pretty much stayed in tact this week, we have Ghost Town Blues Band staying atop the chart for a second week, a truly cool achievement and much deserved. Since they ain’t moving from the top that log-jammed the spots behind them. Tho’ this has allowed us to feature some more tracks from many of the artists in the top 13 this week,, plus our one new artist debut is SugarRay Rayford and his ‘Southside’ release, damn this man can ‘sang’ some blues.

Our Amuse Bouche this week features some June Birthdays, these are always fun and gives us a wide range of styles to play for you, so check it out and if they still here, be sure wish them a happy birthday (and buy their CD).

The knee is doing really well, I am thrilled to be progressing so quickly thru the re-hab portion. My ‘PT Boy’ Michael has done a great job explaining to me the what’s, why’s and wherefore’s of all the things he has me doing. His guidance and confidence has been a great help. Much like the good vibes and prayers sent up by all y’all, thank you.

It is also very cool to see other folks who are joining the ‘scar-club’ finding inspiration and help as they move toward getting their knees replaced. As I say do the PT, do the Meds, do the PT and do the Meds, seriously what else are ya gonna do?

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Baker’s Dozen: Current Chart & Playlist on Radio Show

CW LW CD TITLE Artist/ Web Site Track#/Title
1 1 Hard Road To Hoe Ghost Town Blues Band 1. Hard Road To Hoe
2 2 Let It Rain Deb Ryder 3. You Won’t Be True
3 3 Love Spin Debbie Davies 5. It’s All Blues
4 4 Electric Field Holler Anthony Gomes 8. Junk In The Trunk
5 5 Exactly Like This Doug MacLeod 4. Ain’t It Rough*
6 6 Heavy Breathing Mark Telesca 6. If You Got Enough Jack
7 8 Shaman Lover Mary Hott 4. You Don’t See Me*
8 9 St. Amant Sessions Peter Novelli 4. Spirit Passing By*
9 10 Low Down Delta Moon 3. Nothing You Can Tell A Fool*
10 11 Where Evil Grows 24th Street Wailers 1.Just Wait
11 12 Destination Clarksdale Ben Rice & Lucy Hammond 3.Wants Me Back Again
12 13 You Can’t Keep A Good Woman Down Low Society 1. Crammed & Jammed*
13 ~ SugarRay Rayford Southside 6. Call Off The Mission*

Chef’s Suggestions: The Stuff Ya Gotta Watch

Rusty Wright Band Wonder Man 1. Wonder Man
Voodoo Walters Cakewalk 3. Girl On A Scooter
Reno Jack Lightin’ Fried 20th Century Song
Whisky, Wine & Water Stacy Jones 1. Can’t Do Nothin’ Right
Hans Theessink & Terry Evans True & Blues 2. Mother Earth
Spencer Bohren Seven Birds 2 Blues on The Ceiling
Ken Valdez The Hang 2. Far From Gone
Ian Siegal The Picnic Sessions 12. Hard Times (Come Again No More)
Victor Wainwright Boom Town 11. Reaper’s On The Prowl
Jackie Payne I Saw The Blues 4. When The Blues Comes A Knockin’
Johnny Riley Crossroads of My Life 1. Crossroads of My Life

Amuse Bouche: June Birthdays

Song Artist/ Web Site
Superfly Curtis Mayfield
Celebrate These Curves Fiona Boyes
The World’s In A Tabgle Jimmie Rogers
Crawfish Boogie Chris Gill/D’Mar
Reet Petite Jackie Wilson
I Asked For Water Howlin’ Wolf
You Can’t Judge A
Book By It’s Cover
Kenny Wayne Shepard
Sugar Coated Love Lazy Lester
Banana Man Clifton Chenier
Knock On Wood Eddie Floyd
Redrova Balkun Brothers – Steve

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