A Baker’s Dozen of Blues: July 20, 2015

BakersDozen15Nice to be back on the web and able to update and post, gotta look at it as the price of fame and popularity (why not). Heady words but this year so far we have had over 1.2M visitors to our site going into this week. Thank you all.

CD circle for FBAlso want to mention, formally, our combined effort with WRUU-Savannah Soundings Radio to bring community radio and the blues to the low country area. We have decided to donate 10 CD’s to the first 10 folks who donate $107.50 to the cause. This will get them along the way of meeting their goal and getting BDOB on air.

So please visit our page (by clicking on photo) and donate what ya can. If ya can spare the $107.50 know you will get some super CDs for the effort, and who knows what else. Thanks and looking forward to bringing the blues to the Low Country of Georgia and South Carolina.

Before we get into this week, I just want to say we have a SmugMug gallery from the Beth McKee show available (click on her name).

This week we offer up big congrats to that dynamic duo from the Pacific Northwest – Ben Rice & Lucy Hammond. This age defying combination of talent has reached the top slot on our BDOB chart for this week. Congrats to them and it’s well deserved.

On the new end of the BDOB spectrum we have 2 new debuts this week. Keeping with the diversity thang here, we offer up the aforementioned Beth McKee and her new release ‘Sugarcane Revival’, and the father of Trance Blues Otis Taylor and his ‘Hey Joe Opus Red Meat’ release. I see these two hanging out for quite some time onour charts, they be that good.

Our Amuse Bouche this week is a look at a very cool festival The Riverfront Blues Festival, in Wilmington, Delaware. It will start Friday, July 31st, thru Sunday August 2nd. As usual it has a sterling line up of blues artists plus a side stage of local artists who can match up with any local bands around. It is always great to see such a high level of local bands – very promising.

Speaking of festivals, the Pennsylvania Blues Festival just celebrated it’s 24th year, happy birthday! Our good buddy Martin Goettsch covered the fest for us (as I was not quite ready to take the 11 hour trip and skip the last few PT sessions). Look for his work on our Blues411 Facebook page and soon to be published SmugMug gallery. Thanks Marty, great work!

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Baker’s Dozen: Current Chart & Playlist on Radio Show

CW LW CD TITLE Artist Track#/Title
1 2 Destination Clarksdale Ben Rice & Lucy Hammond Turn My Back On You
2 3 St. Amant Sessions Peter Novelli 2. Boudin*
3 4 Southside SugarRay Rayford 8. Take AwayThese Blues
4 7 I Saw The Blues Jackie Payne 6. Kicking Back With The Blues
5 6 Wonder Man Rusty Wright Band 6. Gonna Come Some Day*
6 9 Lighting Fried Reno Jack 10. Blue Ball Boil
7 8 Boom Town Victor Wainwright 3. Stop Bossin’ Me Baby*
8 10 Blues Gotta Holda Me The Texas Horns 7. Sing Sing Sing
(Let’s Make A Better World)
9 11 Holding Court The Cash Box Kings 3. Gotta Move Out To The Suburbs
10 12 Into The Wild Blue Roy Rogers 9. High Steppin’*
11 13 Crossroads of My Life Johnny Riley 1. Crossroads of My Life
12 ~ Hey Joe Opus Red Meat Otis Taylor Band 1 Hey Joe (A)*
13 ~ Sugarcane Revival Beth McKee 1. Long Road Back*

Chef’s Suggestions: The Stuff Ya Gotta Watch

Hans Theessink & Terry Evans True & Blue 2. Mother Earth
Spencer Bohren Seven Birds 2 Blues on The Ceiling
Ian Siegal The Picnic Sessions 12. Hard Times (Come Again No More)
Billy Price & Otis Clay This Time For Real 8. Broadway Walk
Bay – Paule Band Not Going Away 3. Kiss Me Like You Mean It
Ronnie Earl Father’s Day 4. What Have I Done Wrong
Lucky Losers A Winning Hand 1.Change In The Weather
The Bettye Fox Band Slow Burn 8. Take A Walk With Me
Christian Colliin Spirit Of The Blues 8. Blues For You
Samantha Fish Wild Heart 8. Show Me
Slam Allen Feel These Blues 9, When The Blues Comes Around

Amuse Bouche: Riverfront Blues Festival

Artist Song
Brandon Santini No Matter What I Do
Lil’ Ed & The Blues Imperials Housekeeping Job
Billy Branch Boom Boom
Wayne Sharp & The Sharpshooters Close
Albert Castiglia Put Some Stank On It
Mississippi Heat I Don’t Know
Kenny Neal Down In The Swamp
Walter Trout Wastin’ Away
Biscuit Miller & The Mix Belly Up Some Blues
Mark Hummel Yoou Got Me
Low Rider Band Why Can’t We Be Friends?
Gary Allegretto She Speaks To Me

Love, Peace & Chicken Grease
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Photos: Leslie K. Joseph, Blues411

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