A Baker’s Dozen of Blues: July 11, 2016

02 Blues411 Station LogoTOO SLIM & TAILDRAGGERS #1

Our visit to the Greenwood, SC Festival of Discovery & BBQ & Blues event was epic. Yes indeed, four days of free blues music – from Slam Allen, Vanessa Collier, Bruce Katz, JP Soars, Robert ‘Top’ Thomas, Biscuit Miller & The Mix and many more was and is always an outstanding chance to hear blues and be part of a community’s effort to promote both BBQ competitions and the music we love. Thank you Greenwood, SC.
A special shout out to Gary ‘Shrimp City Slim’ Erwin for doing so much to keep the blues alive n well. Fans may not know his name but the artists sure do. Put this on yo’ calendars for next year. 

Congrats to Too Slim & The Tail Draggers as ‘Blood Moon’ makes it to #1 on the BDOB chart. A sterling release that has Slim shining like a full moon over the water with his song writing and guitar playing never better.

Hurricane Ruth jpgOur new debut this week is from Tinsley Ellis. Always exciting to hear his music, and this one is no slouch, be sure to get your ears around this release.

There is so much going on these last few weeks, of note:
We are off to Nashville to record more sit down’s with artists for our Music City Blues Kitchen radio show – sponsored by The Galaxie Agency.
Speaking of the show we have a new one starting TODAY – MONDAY July 11 – we sit down with Ruth Hurricane Lemaster. Be sure to check it out.

We want to extend a welcome to The Lucky Losers, Cathy Lemons & Phil Berkowitz our latest Tier1 Supporters. Look for their hot brand spank new release, In Any Town all over the internet, and if they in your neighborhood get out there and support them.

Our Amuse Bouche features an early preview of the Pennsylvania Blues Festival. Always a wonderful event featuring top artists in a variety of blues styles, this year at a new date – September 16, 17 & 18. Mark your calendars and be sure to stop by and say hi to us, cos we be there.

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July 11 2016 Too SlimBroadcast times are as follows:

 – 10pm EST
Wednesday – 6:00pm EST
 –  3:00am EST
 –  4pm EST
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Baker’s Dozen: Current Chart & Playlist

CW LW Artist Release Track#/Song
1 4 Too Slim & The Taildraggers Blood Moon 6. My Body*
2 2 Jon Spear Band Live Music Is Better 8. Blues About You Baby
3 3 Markey Blue Band The Blues Are Knockin’ 4. Cash Is Always King*
4 5 Terrie Odabi My Blue Soul 3. Will You Still Love Me
5 6 Lisa Mann Hard Times Bad Decisions 5. Doghouse
6 7 Mike Wheeler Turn Up 13. Sad State Of The World
7 8 Alabama Mike Upset The Status Quo 10. Somewhere Down
The Line
8 9 Tweed Funk Come Together 2. Don’t Give Up
9 10 Bobby Blackhat Walters Accidental Blues 2. Blues Story*
10 13 Mark May Band Blues Heaven 5. Put Down That Poison
11 11 Lady A Loved Blessed and Blues 8. Happy *
12 12 Steve Gilbert Hempstead Highway 12. Dirty Leg Woman Blues*
13 ~ Tinsley Ellis Red Clay Soul 5. Hungry Woman Blues*

Chef’s Suggestions: The Stuff Ya Gotta Watch

Artist Release Track#/Song
Paul Reddick Ride The One 5. It Goes With You
Alexis P. Suter Band All For Loving You 4. All For Loving You
The Mighty Mojo Prophets Record Store` 7. West Coast Girl
Moreland & Arbuckle Promised Land or Bust 2. Mean & Evil
Big Harp George Wash My Horse In Champagne 4. Cool Mistake
Nick Moss Band From Root To Fruit 5. Ta Ta For Tay Tay
Jesse Smith Project JSP 3. Das Blues
Little Charlie and Organ Grinder Swing Skronky Talk 1. Skronky Talk
Joe Moss Manifesto 6. Homework
Jim Suhler & Monkey Beat Live at The Kessler 5. Tijuana Bible
Royal Southern Brotherhood The Royal Gospel 6. Everybody Pays Some Dues
Bridget Kelly Band Outta The Blues 1. Gonna Stay Here

Amuse Bouche: Pennsylvania Blues Festival

Beareather Reddy Blacksnake Blues
Mikey Junior Pocket Full Of Money
Ronnie Earl Puddin’ Pie
Slam Allen Feel These Blues
Zac Harmon I’m Bad Like Jesse James
Anthony Geraci & Boston Blues All-Stars The Blues Never Sleeps
Kenny Neal Louisiana Stew
Buckwheat Zydeco Hey Good Lookin’
Guy Davis Kokomo Kidd
Blackburn Why I Sing The Blues
Harrison Kennedy Cat & Mouse Thang

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