A Baker’s Dozen of Blues: January 18, 2016 & Blues411 Radio


2016 was shaping up to be a year of change according to horoscopes, Tarot throws, and a general feel of what’s goin’ on..


So we have embraced that feeling by starting our new Blues411 Radio station.


Yep, it is on air 24/7/365 available  here http://listen.samcloud.com/w/71723/Blues411-Radio  With the demise of our other radio resource we had to decide what to do next. Well to make the long (and tedious) story short, we decided to launch Blues411 Radio, a carefully curated Blues radio station.  We hope that you join us over there for blues music that is not just a playlist on a loop. Featuring our Baker’s Dozen of Blues, the only top 13 Blues countdown show out there as well as music covering the wide path that is Blues music. Shows like the Acoustic Parlor, Deep Dish Chicago Blues, Electric Jungle, Blues is a Woman, Fresh Bytes and many more.



We are in a soft opening stage, it is up and running. We will be tweaking it and constantly monitoring it. With ABDOB at the helm of the station we plan on making it one of the key resources for blues music around the world. So please tune in, check us out, share it and, if ya like, hit us up with email at [email protected] .


BakersDozen15So back to A Baker’s Dozen of Blues for this week. At the number 1 spot this week is BMA nominated Karen Lovely. Her ‘Ten Miles of Bad Road‘ release has garnered amazing responses from all over the world. We will see her at the IBC this coming week in Memphis along with 5,000 or so of our closest Blues friends. Will you be there?


Our Amuse Bouche this week is about the bands who will be at the IBC partaking in the event. Solo/duo acts and bands from around the world will take up the challenge to shine on stage and mingle with fans, fellow artists, label executives promoters and (John Lee Hooker’s words) backbiters and syndicators (no offense, but if JLH can say it it’s worth repeating – boom boom).


We hope you can get a taste of what’s happening there with these selections, and look for more next week while we are there.


A Baker’s Dozen of Blues now on Blues411 Radio.

Broadcast times are as follows:
Monday  1pm & 11:00pm EST NEW SHOW
 – 10pm EST
Wednesday – Noon & 6:00pm ES
 –  3:00am & 11pm EST
 –  4pm EST
Saturday – 2pm & 8:00pm EST
Sunday – 9am EST


Baker’s Dozen: Current Chart & Playlist on Radio Show

CW LW Artist Release Track#/Song
1 2 Karen Lovely Ten Miles of Bad Road 11. Save Me*
2 3 Anthony Geraci Fifty Shades of Blue 7. The Blues Never Sleeps*
3 4 Andy T. – Nick Nixon Band Numbers Man 13. Gates Salty Blues*
4 8 Wee Willie Walker If Nothing Ever Changes 6. Is That It?
5 8 Mudcat & the Atlanta Horns While You Were Away 7. The Devil Is Real
6 7 Crooked Eye Tommy Butterflies & Snakes 8. After The Burn
7 9 Nikki Hill Heavy Hearts Hard Fists 8. Mama Wouldn’t Like It
8 13 Webb Wilder Mississippi Moderne 3. It Ain’t Broke (Don’t Fix It)*
9 11 Hurricane Ruth Winds of Change 4. Back To Louisiana
10 12 Cedric Burnside Project Descendants of the Hill Country 1. Born With It
11 13 Bob Margolin My Road 1. My Whole Life
12 ~ Benny Turner When She’s Gone 2. Pity On The Lovesick Fool
13 ~ Mike Zito & The Wheel Keep Coming Back 8. Get Out Of Denver


Chef’s Suggestions: The Stuff Ya Gotta Watch

Artist Release Track#/Song
Jonn Del Toro Richardson Tengo Blues 4. Triple Lindig
Dudley Taft Skin & Bones 1. Skin & Bones
The Jimmys Hot Dish 1. Lose That Woman
D’Mar & Gill Take It Like That 3. Song For Honeyboy
Scottie Miller Band Reciprocation 8. Too Far Gone
Eric Bibb & JJ Milteau Lead Belly’s Gold 13. Chauffer’s Blues
Joyann Parker & Sweet Tea On The Rocks 04. What Happened To Me
Billy The Kid & The Regulators I Can’t Change 2.Ain’t Gitta rove Nuthin’
Guy Dais Kokomo Kidd 1.Kokomo Kidd
Joe Louis Walker Everybody Wants A Piece 10. Young Girl Blues
Jimmi & The Band Of Souls The Graveyard Shift 3. I’m Blue
King Edward 50 Years of Blues 1. Bring Your Pretty Self Home



Amuse Bouche: IBC Artist Spotlight

Artist Song Blues Society
David Julia Justa Matter of time South Florida Blues Society Youth
In Layman Terms Heartbroken Blue Ridge Blues Society
Markey Blues Play Me Atlanta Blues Society
Paul DesLauriers Steady Rollin’ Man Montral Blues Society
Chris Yakopcic Preachin’ Blues Dayton Blues Society
Altered Five Blues Band I’m In Deep Grafton Blues Association
Chris O Stocking Feet Blues Sydney Blues Society
Eight O’ Five Jive Feed Them Monkeys Nashville Blues Society
Bridget Kelly Band Goin’ To Memphis North Central Florida Blues Society
Mark Telesca Cross The Dog South Florida Blues Society
Franc Robert These Lowdown Blues Suncoast Blues Society
Bobby Blackhat Band Cock A Doodle Do Natchel Blues Noetwork
Forrest McDonald Band Turnaround Blues River City Blues (VA) Society
April Mae & The June Bugs Mistaken Identity Blues Second Story Blues Alliance
Micah Kesseling Preachin’ The Blues Blues Jazz & Folk Music Society
Davis Coen Moonshine In The Morning West Tennesee Blues Society


Love, Peace & Chicken Grease
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Photos: Leslie K. Joseph, Blues411

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