A Baker’s Dozen of Blues: January 11, 2016


BakersDozen15Indeed! As we all settle into our 2016 mode, we at Blues411 are getting closer to our mission of bringing you the needed tools to make the Blues thrive.



Coming up real soon is the epic event known as the International Blues Challenge. Held every year in Memphis this year looks to be a pretty fabulous event (as they have always been). Still time to get yourself there and join the rowdy, blues loving framily.


Our new #1 is Fiona Boyes. Hailing from Australia and a superb finger picker, songwriter, entertainer and one helluva person, Fiona has firmly established herself in the upper echelon of the Blues world. She is nominated for a Blues Music Award on the heels of winning a Jimi Award in 2015.


Our Amuse Bouche this week features another look backward. We’d like to revisit some of our past #1’s over the last three years. So stick and stay and enjoy all that we have put on the plate for ya.


A Baker’s Dozen of Blues, on MojoWax Radio presented by Blues MusicMagazine at LIVE365.com.


Broadcast times are as follows:
bcradioMonday  1pm EST 
 – 10pm EST
Wednesday – Noon EST
 –  11pm EST
 –  4pm EST
Saturday – 2pm EST



Baker’s Dozen: Current Chart & Playlist on Radio Show

CW LW Artist Release Track#/Song
1 3 Fiona Boyes Box & Dice 3. Walking Round Money*
2 4 Karen Lovely Ten Miles of Bad Road 5. Cross The Water
3 5 Anthony Geraci Fifty Shades of Blue 10. Cry A Million Tears
4 6 Andy T. – Nick Nixon Band Numbers Man 1.Shut The Front Door
5 8 Mitch Woods Jammin on The High C’s 13. Broke
6 7 Mudcat & the Atlanta Horns While You Were Away 7. The Devil Is Real*
7 9 Crooked Eye Tommy Butterflies & Snakes 8. After The Burn
8 10 Wee Willie Walker If Nothing Ever Changes 6. Is That It?
9 11 Nikki Hill Heavy Hearts Hard Fists 8. Mama Wouldn’t Like It
10 12 Hurricane Ruth Winds of Change 4. Back To Louisiana
11 13 Webb Wilder Mississippi Moderne 5. I Gotta Move
12 ~ Cedric Burnside Project Descendants of the Hill Country 1. Born With It*
13 ~ Bob Margolin My Road 1. My Whole Life*



Chef’s Suggestions: The Stuff Ya Gotta Watch

Artist Release Track#/Song
Jonn Del Toro Richardson Tengo Blues 4. Triple Lindig
Dudley Taft Skin & Bones 1. Skin & Bones
The Jimmys Hot Dish 1. Lose That Woman
D’Mar & Gill Take It Like That 3. Song For Honeyboy
Mike Zito & The Wheel Keep Coming Back 8. Get Out Of Denver
Eric Bibb & JJ Milteau Lead Belly’s Gold 13. Chauffer’s Blues
Benny Turner When She’s Gone 2. Pity On The Lovesick Fool
Scottie Miller Band Reciprocation 8. Too Far Gone



Amuse Bouche: Past #1’s

Artist Song Date
Mike Zito & The Wheel Gone To Texas 01/06/13
Annie Mack Baptized in the Blues 02/24/13
Root Doctor Someone Else Is Stepping In 04/21/13
Johnny Sansone Once it Gets Started 08/27/13
Eugene Bridges My Baby Loves Me 12/02/13
Bey Paulie Band You’re Somebody Else’s Baby Too 01/13/14
Micah Kesselring Mean Uptown Mama 03/17/14
Jim Suhler & Monkey Beat I Declare 05/05/14
Janiva Magness Who Am I mulitple weeks
Jarekus Singleton Refuse To Lose mulitple weeks
Otis Taylor Sunday Morning A multiple weeks
California Honeydrops Rockaway mulitple weeks
Mississippi Heat Come To Mama 01/05/15
Deb Ryder Kiss & Dream 06/08/15


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