A Baker’s Dozen of Blues: August 8, 2016



Welcome to another busy week at Blues411. Even with us being home we have a slew of things to get done. Been working hard with The Roasting Room to get blues talent into our area, so if you are touring the Carolinas or around here be sure to hit them up cos they would be happy to have ya play there.

Black Coffee Radio Hour w LogoWith our radio station success we are shuffling some shows around to get better representation in various time zones to insure best exposure for them. The Black Coffee Radio Hour with Sara French will now debut on Thursday’s at 7pm. Sarah is very busy doing publicist work for Canadian bands, and attending festivals so giving her a few extra days is a great help to her and by debuting in Thursdays she has the day to herself. All other show times are the same for the show.

Speaking of time, it is about time we say Tweed Funk is the #1 release this week. Congrats to JD, Smokey and the ban for another super release, hope y’all been diggin’ their spins here, and be sure to see them when they come to your town.

Our Amuse Bouche is partly inspired by Big Harp George, who is tracking on our Baker’s Dozen chart. We decided to look at some blues artists with the name or nickname of BIG, hope ya enjoy.

This weekend in Port Royal, SC the Homemade Jamz Band will be playing a free concert. Excited to see the Perry family once again and know that we will have some fotos from their show.

Our Music City Blues Kitchen features a sit and spin with the Allen-Lamun Band. They debut today, Monday at noon, right before The Baker’s Dozen. Tune in and learn how they, wound up in Nashville, and where their sound emanated from. They are fresh off a virgin appearance at Gary Anton’s Bradfordville Blues Club this past Saturday.

TaylorMadeBB-300X300A quick shout out to Mick Kolassa as he has a new release out ‘Taylor Made Blues’, and all proceeds go to the HART Fund and Generation Blues of the Blues Foundation. Mick has once again done much good by donating all monies to these two fine charities and also by signing up again as a Tier 1 Supporter of Blues411. So buy this release and do a world of good.


A Baker’s Dozen of Blues on Blues411 Radio.

Aug 8 2016 Tweed FunkBroadcast times are as follows:

 – 10pm EST
Wednesday – 6:00pm EST
 –  3:00am EST
 –  4pm EST
Saturday – 2pm EST
Sunday – 10am EST


A Baker’s Dozen: Current Chart & Radio Playlist

CW LW Artist Release Track#/Song
1 3 Tweed Funk Come Together 10. Soul Rockin’*
2 5 Mark May Band Blues Heaven 12. Kind Of Girl
3 4 Mike Wheeler Turn Up 4. Brand New Cadillac
4 6 Alabama Mike Upset The Status Quo 7. Restraining Order*
5 9 Lady A Loved Blessed and Blues 7. Trouble On My Mind
6 7 Bobby Blackhat Walters Accidental Blues 6. It’s Not A Good Idea
Till It’s Her Idea*
7 8 Steve Gilbert Hempstead Highway 8. Straight to Hell
8 10 Tinsley Ellis Red Clay Soul 2. Givin’ You Up
9 11 Alexis P. Suter Band All For Loving You 4. All For Loving You
10 13 Joe Moss Manifesto 6. Homework
11 12 Big Harp George Wash My Horse In Champagne 10. Mojo Waltz*
12 ~ The Lucky Losers In Any Town 1. So High*
13 ~ Sunday Wilde Blueberries & Grits 3. Early In The Morning*


Chef’s Suggestions: The Stuff Ya Gotta Watch

Artist Release Track#/Song
Jeremiah Johnson Blues Heart Attack 2. Room of Fools
Nick Moss Band From Root To Fruit 5. Ta Ta For Tay Tay
Jesse Smith Project JSP 3. Das Blues
Jim Suhler & Monkey Beat Live at The Kessler 5. Tijuana Bible
Royal Southern Brotherhood The Royal Gospel 6. Everybody Pays Some Dues
Bridget Kelly Band Outta The Blues 1. Gonna Stay Here
Eddie Turner & Trouble Twins Naked…in your face 1. Jody
Joe Bonamassa Blues of Desperation 6. The Valley Runs Low
Joanna Connor Six String Stories 7. Heaven
Mick Kolassa Taylor Made Blues 9. Left Too Slow


big1Amuse Bouche:
Big’s In The Blues

Big Mama Thornton You Don’t Move Me No More
Big Joe Shelton Leaving Yo’ Behind
Big Walker Hypocrite Blues
Big Joe Williams Queen of Spades
Big Joe Turner Shake Rattle & Roll
Big Dave McLean Mr. Siegal
Big Maybelle Candye
Big Nancy Bring It On Home To Me
Big Bill Broonzy Key To The Highway
Big Bill Morgenfield Money’s Gettin Cheaper
Big Maceo Worried Life Blues
Big Jon Atkinson Empty Bedroom
Big Daddy D & The Dynamites Broom Hilda
Arthur ‘Big Boy’ Crudup My Baby Left Me

Love, Peace & Chicken Grease
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