A Baker’s Dozen of Blues: August 17, 2015

BakersDozen15A good week overall, have been released from PT, and now am in charge of recovering my tennis game. Which I have played several times this week, in moderation, just to get the body to remember that I CAN run, well almost. Thanks to the folks at Cornerstone Physical Therapy for all the care and attention they gave me on this long (12 weeks) road to recovery.

Had a great time over the weekend with the Shelly Waters Band in Port Royal, SC. There are snaps on our Facebook page, if interested.  Free music on the streets eight times a year, and always a great time. New friends are always good to have, and we made a few.

Victor WainwrightOur #1 this week are the amazing Victor Wainwright & The Wildroots. Their “Boom Town” release is epic and should be in everyone playlist. Congrats and see ya in October at The Daytona Blues Festival.

Our new addition to the BDOB charts is Christian Collin. His release “Spirit of the Blues” is a solid one and the track is ‘Blues For You’. Plus be sure to check out our ‘Chef Suggestions’ section,lots of activity going on there as up n comers are positioning themselves for a run at the BDOB chart.

Our Amuse Bouche this week is ‘Under The Radar- Part 2”. We like to feature some artists who might not be well known to the general public, but should be. These bands are putting out high quality music and by you hanging with us you can have a step on all the other folks who still don’t know about them. Hope you enjoy their music and support them in any way possible.

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Baker’s Dozen: Current Chart & Playlist on Radio Show

CW LW CD TITLE Artist/ Web Site Track#/Title
1 3 Boom Town Victor Wainwright 4.If It Ain’t Got Soul Part 1*
2 2 Wonder Man Rusty Wright Band 6. Gonna Come Some Day
3 4 Holding Court The Cash Box Kings 12. I’m A Real Lover*
4 5 Lighting Fried Reno Jack 3. Say Self*
5 6 Into The Wild Blue Roy Rogers 8. Into The Wild Blue*
6 7 Crossroads of My Life Johnny Riley 9. No Letter Blues
7 8 Hey Joe Opus Red Meat Otis Taylor Band 3. The Heart Is A Muscle Used
To Play The Blues*
8 9 Sugarcane Revival Beth McKee 11. Trouble The Waters
9 10 Feel These Blues Slam Allen 9, When The Blues Comes Around
10 11 Father’s Day Ronnie Earl 4. What Have I Done Wrong
11 12 This Time For Real Billy Price & Otis Clay 8. Broadway Walk
12 13 A Winning Hand Lucky Losers 1. Change In The Weather
13 ~ Christian Colliin Spirit Of The Blues 8. Blues For You*

Chef’s Suggestions: The Stuff Ya Gotta Watch

California Honeydrops A River’s Invitation 2. When It Was Wrong
Buddy Guy Born To Play Guitar 7. Crying Out Of One Eye
Bay – Paule Band Not Going Away 3. Kiss Me Like You Mean It
The Bettye Fox Band Slow Burn 8. Take A Walk With Me
Samantha Fish Wild Heart 8. Show Me
Kern Pratt Broken Chains 10. Handcuffed To The Blues
John Ginty No Filter 3. Old Shoes (feat. Alexis P. Suter)
Johnny Sansone Lady On The Levee 1. Lady On The Levee
Albert Cummings Someone Like You 1. No Doubt
Robben Ford Into The Sun 5. Justified (w/Keb Mo’)
California Honeydrops A River’s Invitation 2. When It Was Wrong
Chris James Patrick Rynn Trouble Don’t Last 8. Good Idea At The time

Amuse Bouche: Under The Radar Part 2:

Artist Song
Brad Wilson Step By Step
Larry Griffith Get Up, Get Out
Franc Robert & The Boxcar Tourists Cheap Cadillac
Mick Kolassa Mama Told Me Not To Come
The Bush League Gimme My Money
John Ginty Elevators
Andra Faye & Scott Ballantine Coulda Woulda Shoulda
Mississippi Fever Out All Night
Evelyn Rubio
& Calvin Owens Orchestra
JC Crossfire Working Man
RagPicker String Band Google Blues
Luther Badman Keith Bluesmen are Kings
Jay Stollman (feat. Debbie Davies) Tired of Tryin’

Love, Peace & Chicken Grease
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