A Baker’s Dozen of Blues: April 3, 2017

Michael Burks:
“I’m A Bluesman” #1

Released after Michael’s passing, this album is a dynamic look into where he was at musically and in his life. Nominated for a BMA in the historical category, we are looking forward to seeing Bobbi in Memphis in May.

Lurrie Bell & Marcia Ball (with Paul Oscher)
The Savannah Music Festival provided folks with a splendid, albeit short, look and listen to some very fine blues artists this weekend. Lurrie Bell threw down them good ol’ Chicago Blues and had former Blues411 Badass Bassist Melvyn Smith with him. Then Marcia Ball and band featuring Paul Oscher showed just how varied a tent the blues can be.

This Week in SC Blues
Back again to The Roasting Room & Listening Lounge for another Blues411 Concert Series show. This time it’s James Armstrong, always a dynamic show, and we are expecting a good house for the show. Then off to Kiawah Island for Blues By The Sea. Just one of the many that Gary Erwin a.k.a. Shrimp City Slim puts on through the state.

In Passing: Lonnie Brooks
Sad news this weekend, Lonnie Brooks has passed. Our sympathies go out to Wayne, Ronnie and family friends and fans at this time. We have used a glorious photo from Bob Sek here that captured the essence of Mr.Brooks life performances.

Baker’s Dozen of Blues
new track

CW LW Artist Release Track#/Song
1 4 Michael Burks I’m A Bluesman Blues Will Never Die
2 3 Popa Chubby The Catfish Cry Till It’s A Dull Ache*
3 6 Cary Morin Cradle To The Grave Back On The Train*
4 5 John Latini The Blues Just Makes Me Feel Good Pull Me Up
5 8 Big Bill Morgenfield Bloodstains in The Wall I Don’t Know Why*
6 7 Peter Karp Alabama Town Nobody Really Knows*
7 13 Vanessa Collier Meeting My Shadow Poisioned The Well*
8 9 Otis Taylor Fantasizing About Being Black Walk On Water*
9 10 Sean Chambers Trouble & Whisky Cut Off My Right Arm*
10 11 Scott Ramminger Do What Your Heart Says To Give A Pencil To Fish
11 12 Billy T. Band Reckoning It Ain’t Right
12 ~ John Ginty Feat Aster Pheonyx Rockers Mr. Blues*
13 ~ Lauren Mitchell Desire Brown Liquor*

Amuse Bouche: Fresh Bytes Second Helpings

Lazy Eye Pocket That Black
Strongman Old School
Vin Mott Quit The Women (For The Blues)
Jimmy Bowskill & Carlos Del Junco Beale Street Toodle Loo
Erja Lyytinen Slowly Burning
Nina Massara Impossible To Resist
Souliz featuring Sugar & Spice
I’m Leaving You For Good
Elvin Bishop Southslide Slide
Randy McAlister Band Band With The Beautiful Bus
Monster Mike Welch & Michael Ledbetter Cry For Me Baby
Hector Anchando Band Roll The DIce
Billy Flynn If It Wasn’t For The Blues

Love, Peace & Chicken Grease
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James Armstrong: Simchok
Lonnie Brooks: Bob Sek
Leslie K. Joseph
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