A Baker’s Dozen of Blues: April 13, 2015


BakersDozen15Roundin’ third and headed for home” is what Chuck Berry sang in “Brown-eyed Handsome Man” and a few decades later John Fogerty used that very same line in his big hit “Centerfield”

Well that just about captures all that is going on with us this week, we are ‘headed home’ after the glorious Tampa Bay Blues Festival, look for our Smugmug photo galleries from day 1 & day 2. now and day 3 is up and loading (a long night Sunday night) Also hope you were checking in on our facebook page to see live on the spot shots of all the action. A shout out to Ronnie Earl for his spirit and musicianship – yep again – he was jamming on Sunday and pleasing everyone in the crowd. Hey for all those new friends we made here is a link for the Blues411 store on Zazzle, enjoy shopping!

downloadIt also directly relates to our Amuse Bouche this week – Baseball. No not everyone is a baseball fan, but that don’t confront me. Bill Wax, Bob Sek, Watermelon Slim, George Thorogood. Jay Sieleman, Vinny Marini, Doug MacLeod, Sterling Koch, yeah I could go on (Ricky Stevens) all are big time fans of the National Pastime. So we are a week late, but our heart is in the right place at the right time as we salute baseball and the blues. It is our second hour of the show.

One woman who can throw the heater with her vocal arsenal is Shaun Murphy, and she holds the top slot on our chart this week. Her latest release ‘Loretta‘ is a classic in the rock-blues line-up of music.

2015GTBB-200-AD-1The Ghost Town Blues Band makes their rookie debut on the BDOB chart and air play list. Their brand spanking new release is garnering acclaim from around the world – so be sure you scout them out and draft them into your rotation for a sure winner. Our featured image shows GTBB’s drummer Preston McEwen tuning his sweep broom on the pitcher’s mound at Jackie Robinson field, in Daytona, FL. The other photos below, are also from Daytona. They feature Jeff Jensen, John Nemeth Matt Isbell hamming the mound a la Mount Rushmore. Billy Gibson Chefjimi discussing the uses of a harp on the mound. Finally the manager called for relief with Go-Go Ray taking on a serious pose to beat down the opposition with a key save.
To read an earlier examination of baseball & the blues featuring some of the folks mentioned here visit:

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Baker’s Dozen: Current Chart & Playlist on Radio Show 

CW LW CD TITLE Artist/ Web Site Track#/Title
1 2 Loretta Shaun Murphy 5. Strange Life
2 2 Fat Man’s Shine Palor Smokin’ Joe Kubek & B’Nois King 7. Brown Bomba Mojo*
3 5 Morose Elephant Jeff Jensen 6. What’s the Matter With The Mill*
4 4 LIVE from the Park Theatre Jimmi & The Band of Souls 3. Sweet Jesus Blues
5 5 Stranded Greg Nagy 7. Still Doing Fine*
6 6 Terraplane Steve Earle & The Dukes 4. Ain’t Nobody’s Daddy Now
7 8 Memphis Blue Sweet, Strong & Tight Barbara Blue 9. Sweet, Strong & Tight*
8 9 Live & Extended Brandon Santini 5. Have A Good Time*
9 10 Tough Love Tinsley Ellis 2. Midnight Ride*
10 11 Brother Sun Sister Moon Brother Sun Sister Moon 8. My Memphis Blues
11 12 Too Many Men Eight O’Five Jive 7. Feed The Monkeys
12 13 Double EP Dave Muskett 1. Pet That Thing
13 ~ Hard Road To Hoe Ghost Town Blues Band 7. Tied My Worries To A Stone*

*new track

Chef’s Suggestions: The Stuff Ya Gotta Watch

Lucky Dog Brad Absher & Swamp Royale 5. Miss Your Water
Let It Rain Deb Ryder 9. Let It Rain
Faded But Not Gone Big Dave MacLean 5. Sittin On A Fence
Shaman Lover Mary Hott 2. Shaman Lover
Can of Gas & A Match The Bush League 10 Death of Robert
In The Mix Bernard Allison 7. I Had It All The Time
Down By The Bayou JeConte 1. Down By The Bayou
Cakewalk Voodoo Walters 3. Girl On A Scooter
If You Think It’s Hot Here Mike Henderson Band 1. Wanta Know Why
You Can’t Keep A Good Woman Down Low Society 9. No Money Down
Exactly Like This Doug MacLeod 9. Raylene
Electric Field Holler Anthony Gomes 7. The Blues Ain’t The Blues No More

Amuse Bouche: Baseball and the Blues






Dr. John Take Me Out To The Ball Game
Branford Marsalis Star Spangled Banner
Gary Allegretto Throwin’ Heat
Scat Springs You’ve Got To Hit The Right Lick
Mabel Scott Baseball Boogie
Dave Frishberg Van Lingle Mungo
Jerry Jeff Walker Nolan Ryan
Joe Cocker Catfish
Les Brown Joltin’ Joe DiMaggio
Treniers Say Hey
Buddy Johnson Did Ya See Jackie Robinson Hit That Ball
Watermelon Slim Max The Baseball Clown
Sister Wynonna Carr The Ball Game
Chuck Berry Brown Eyed Handsome Man
John Fogerty Centerfield
Abbott & Costello Who’s on First

Love, Peace & Chicken Grease
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