A Baker’s Dozen: December 7, 2015


Man we are one happy Blues411 to be back in South Carolina for the remainder (we hope) of 2015. It’s been a great year and this weekend was the icing on the blues cake.


lightersOff to Bradenton, Florida where we had the honor of attending a Blues In The Schools performance by the young band, ‘In Layman Terms‘.
These two young artists played before a packed auditorium of their peers and sold them the blues and kept the crowd involved and entertained at a very high level. It was great to witness.


Then later Friday night we got to see Jeff Jensen perform at Ace’s Lounge, we took the opportunity to present him his ‘Contemporary Release’ Award to him in front of his fans and, let me tell you, it was a spectacular night.


gwgSaturday was the Bradenton Blues Festival (award winning). Packed from the very first note by  Ruf Records ‘Girls With Guitars’ and standing room only (at an outdoor venue) for the final act, Janiva Magness.
Every band, seemed to know that it was going to be a special event – and they responded with some of their best performances this year.


We had the honor of presenting Mike Zito with his ‘Guitar Hero’ Award, and then to the Bradenton Blues Festival their award for 2015. Paul Benjamin certainly knows how to book and run a festival, and if you are thinking  of starting one or need a kick start contact Paul.


Now on to the top of the chart this week. Noah Wotherspoon, a very talented young artist who’se guitar playing is superb, and his songwriting and vocal abilities are very impressive.


Just one new addition this week, Crooked Eye Tommy and his release ‘Butterflies & Snakes’ will please ya in a rockin’ soulful way.


Our Amuse Bouche this week features December Birthdays for living artists. There a bunch of them but we are limited to about eleven, and some of them you may not have heard of, so give them an ear and see what ya think.


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Baker’s Dozen: Current Chart & Playlist on Radio Show

CW LW Artist Release Track#/Song
1 2 Noah Wotherspoon Band Mystic Mud 9. Dead Man’s Shoes*
2 3 Zac Harmon Right Man Right Now 4. Stand Your Ground
3 4 JJ Appelton & Jason Ricci Dirty Memory 4. New Man
4 5 Mighty Mike Schermer Blues In Good Hands 13. Hear You Call Him Baby
5 6 Fiona Boyes Box & Dice 7. Mama’s Sanctified Amp
6 7 Kevin Selfe Buy My Soul Back 3. Buy My Soul Back
7 9 Karen Lovely Ten Miles of Bad Road 2. Company Graveyard
8 8 Samantha Fish Wild Heart 7. Turn It Up
9 10 Anthony Geraci Fifty Shades of Blue 4. Heard That Tutwiler Whistle Blow
10 11 Mick Kolassa Ghosts of the Riverside Hotel 8. Mama Told Me Not To Come*
11 12 Mitch Woods Jammin on The High C’s 14. Boom Boom
12 13 Mudcat & the Atlanta Horns While You Were Away 7. The Devil Is Real
13 ~ Crooked Eye Tommy Butterflies & Snakes 9. Mad & Disgusted*


Chef’s Suggestions:
The Stuff Ya Gotta Watch

Artist Release Track#/Song
Webb Wilder Mississippi Moderne 11. Lucy Mae Blues
Colin Linden Rich In Love 3. Delia Come To Me
Dudley Taft Skin & Bones 1. Skin & Bones
The Jimmys Hot Dish 1. Lose That Woman
D’Mar & Gill Take It Like That 3. Song For Honeyboy
Andy T. – Nick Nixon Band Numbers Man 6. Pretty Girls Everywhere
Nikki Hill Heavy Hearts Hard Fists 8. Mama Wouldn’t Like It
Cedric Burnside Project Descendants of the Hill Country 1. Born With It
Mike Zito & The Wheel Keep Coming Back 8. Get Out Of Denver
Wee Willie Walker If Nothing Ever Changes 1. Born With It


Amuse Bouche:
 December Birthdays

Artist Song
Rickey Godfrey I Want Me A Nasty Woman
Mark Bumgarner Coffee and Chicken
Paxton Norris Living Tight
Sean Carney Nineteen Years Old
Jim Shaneberger One More Chance
Eef Guitar The Elword Blues
Michael Tash Mailbox Blues
Tom Holland Waiting For The Other Shoe To Drop
Dave Gross You’re Not The One
Kirby Sewell Girl With A New Tatoo
Michael Packer See That My Grave Is Kept Clean


Grammy Nominations for Americana/Blues Release:


Descendants Of Hill Country

Cedric Burnside Project

Label: Cedric Burnside Project

Outskirts Of Love

Shemekia Copeland

Label: Alligator Records

Born To Play Guitar

Buddy Guy

Label: RCA Records/Silvertone Records


Bettye LaVette

Label: Cherry Red

Muddy Waters 100

John Primer & Various Artists

Label: Raisin Music Records



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